Monday, December 26, 2011

Just the old fashioned way

This postcard is postmarked Bellaire Ohio 9-30-1908 and is addressed to: 

Mrs. H. W. Turner 107 Sylvania St. 38th Ward Pittsburgh Pa. 

The message reads:

Grand Ma
(See to it)
Nothing like this goes, only the old fashioned way 
Grand Pa

Lillian Mary Maddin with baby Elma abt 1908
It appears that Harry William Turner (aka grandpa) was writing to his wife Mary Ellen Turner (maiden name Giesey) after the birth of one of their grandchildren.   Harry and Mary only had 3 children Howell Edwin Turner, William Giesey Turner and Lillian Mary Turner.  I feel reasonably certain that this new grandchild was Elma Lillian Maddin daughter of John Maddin and Lillian Mary Maddin, as Elma was born June 29, 1908, in Pennsylvania.  Elma was the first grandchild of Harry and Mary Turner.  The next closest grandchild in age would have been Ellen, the daughter of William G. Turner, not born until 1910.  

At the time of Elma's parent's marriage, John Maddin and Lillian Mary Turner on June 18, 1907; John was living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Since Elma was born in Pennsylvania just a year later it is probably safe to assume the the newly weds moved to Pittsburgh after their wedding.

This wonderful postcard is also a social commentary on the times.  The kind of baby bottle depicted in the postcard was very controversial and considered detrimental to babies' health because they were difficult to clean (The not so friendly bottle).  So it is no wonder that "grand pa" was concerned.  

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